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The Rock Resort is a jewel of hospitality which lies at the heart of 4 Acre of lush jungle and adventure, rocky terrain centered on the Kisumu valley. Located on Kisumu Hills, 10 Kms from Kisumu town along Kisumu/Maseno Road overlooking Maseno Hills, Kit Mikayi and Lake Victoria. It is a 15 minutes drive from the Kisumu National Airport.

In the days before time, when the world was born, the land to the west of Kisumu's high interior hills was subjected to immerse geological forces. The earth tilted and twisted, falling away to a dramatic escarpment of great scenic beauty. New bare rocky peaks stand above streams as they tumble down grassy hillsides in their windy rush to Lake Victoria, a bewildering sight worth seeing.

This is Rock Resort, a place which is not so long agao was inhospitable to man and his domestic animals. Great Landscaping planted flowers, shrubs, various indigenous and exotic trees from a beautiful forest a creating, peaceful environment.

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